Dates and Locations

Wedding Party

The wedding will be celebrated in Eskişehir, a city half way between Istanbul and Ankara

Saturday, March 30th 2013, 7 pm
Salon Lidya Park
Atatürk Bulvarı, Karadağ Sok. No 37

The ballroom is located in the top floor of a large building behind a Shell gas station. The ground floor of the same complex hosts a Migros supermarket. See the "Traveling" page for information how to get there.

Dress code: As you like. Still, in Turkey people usually appear in rather formal clothing, i.e. men with jackets and ties, women with some sort of evening gown. Short dresses, free shoulders etc. are no problem at all.


Dinner for the Hungry Travelers

For our guests from abroad who arrive to Eskişehir on Friday, we would love to have a dinner with you. We made a reservation for the whole pack on

        Friday, March 29th 2013, 7pm
        Urfa Kebap
        Yunusemre Cad. No: 99

Best grill place in town, don't miss it! Vegetarian food also available. See the "Traveling" page for information how to get there. Stay in touch with Anna and Stefan (contacts on the right) to be there on time.

Henna Night

The henna night is a traditional party, where exclusively female guests (only exception: the groom) of a wedding come toghether the night before the marriage in order to give the bride a sisters' farewell and dye her hands with henna.

For sure this will be an exciting and funny evening!

Sevim's henna night will take place in her parents' home
(see the "Traveling" page for information how to get there):

Friday, March 29th 2013, 8 pm
A. Hamit Dedelek Cad.
Kentpark Konaklari
Gonca Apt. D:12
26120 Eskişehir

The guys who are already in Eskişehir on that day can join a pub tour while the girls are celebrating the henna night! Our friend Göksel will make you benefit from his local experience ;)
Meeting point is the Traveler's Cafe (see "Sights and Guides") at 9pm, Stefan (contact on the right) will know when and where you can jump in later.

Fun Crash Course: Turkish Wedding Dances

In the afternoon of March 30th, roughly at 4:30 pm, there will be a little dancing crash course, after which you will easily participate and enjoy the mostly very simple Turkish wedding folk dances. Don't worry, there will be enough non-group dancing as well, and you can also just learn during the night, but it might be fun also to practice beforehand.

From 5pm the bride will be picked up by the groom's family in her parents' house (see address above), and dancing in front of the house is a tradition anyway. If you arrive a bit early, our friends Hülya and Erol will be happy to show you some basic moves. Just stay in touch with Stefan and Anna (contacts on the right) on that day, and you will not miss any event or transportation opportunity.